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Recent Reviews

The Colony CrossFit in The Colony, TX US
Tonia H.
left a review for Chris Holliman at The Colony CrossFit

Feb 29, 2024
KS Athletic Club in Overland Park, KS US
Kevin C.
left a review for KS Athletic Club

Clear explanation of class, motivated clients throughout workout

Feb 29, 2024
KS Athletic Club in Overland Park, KS US
Esther S.
left a review for Roberta A Hughes at KS Athletic Club

I had Coach Robbie today and she was beyond amazing. Her instructions were very clear and helped improvise my push press. She was just great and I enjoyed being in her class tonight.

Feb 29, 2024
CrossFit Torsion in Newark, OH US
Jami C.
left a review for Kim Labora at CrossFit Torsion

Kim was amazing, and I loved every minute of session. I didn’t think I would be able to do the CrossFit, but with proper instruction from Kim I surprised myself!

Feb 29, 2024
RISE Fitness & Kickboxing in Annapolis, MD US
Giovanna S.
left a review for Erin at RISE Fitness & Kickboxing

Erin is super fun and funny. Her energy is very high and contagious!

Feb 29, 2024

100% White Glove Setup - No Work, No Hassle

When you sign up for GymHappy, our team will set the whole system up for you.
Zero work on your end to get reviews flowing today!

Gym Reviews & Testimonials on Autopilot

Capture Member Love In Real Time

You work so hard to create an amazing gym, but collecting member testimonials is a pain. Automating the review collection and discovery process is critical to your gym's success.

Elevate Your Coaches:
Transform appreciation into action! Members can now effortlessly give love to their favorite coaches.
Set It / Forget It:
Too swamped to chase reviews? Automate review collection in 5 minutes - then sit back and watch the accolades roll in!
Authentic Connections:
Real stories resonate. We center the reviews around your coaches, capturing heartfelt feedback that doubles as compelling business testimonials.
Smart AI, Not Spammy AI:
Generic automations stink! GymHappy's advanced AI crafts personal, engaging review invitations, ensuring each member feels like the MVP they are.
GymHappy Automated Member Review Collection

"Member feedback is everything!"

Constant member feedback unlocks everything! Member referrals, nutrition coaching sales, even stopping cancelations before it's too late... I can now have the right conversations with the right clients at the right time.

Robert Schwartz
All Fit Orlando

Tools To Grow Your Gym

Let Your Website Visitors Know Your Customers Love You

Our real time website widget provides your leads with the social proof they need to take action!

Coach Ratings:
Create social proof showing off your 5 star coach reviews
Gym Ratings:
Let your leads know your members love every aspect of your gym!

GymHappy is available for PushPress Grow and Kilo clients.

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These Google Reviews Are Insane!"

GymHappy makes it easy. My coaches are incentivized to coach better, and the members let Google know for me! I've gotten more Google Reviews from GymHappy in the last 3 months than we had in the previous 3 years!

Robert Schwartz
All Fit Orlando
GymHappy Marketing Tools

Tools To Grow Your Gym

Google Reviews on Autopilot

Win your local market by consistently adding Google Reviews from your happiest clients.

Convenience Wins:
We seamlessly ask for Google Reviews when the member is already in the process of leaving a coach review.
Every one of your members will be asked several times over the year, which increases your chances to get maximum Google Reviews.
High Conversion:
Up to 20% of all review asks end up as a Google Review.

GymHappy is available for PushPress Grow and Kilo clients.

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GymHappy Marketing Tools

Tools To Grow Your Gym

Leverage Your Social Cred To Grow

GymHappy comes packed with tools to allow you to turn your reviews into lead generating assets.

Review Wall:
Showcase success effortlessly! GymHappy creates an SEO optimized auto-updated mural of member reviews.
Website Widget:
Drive sign-ups with FOMO! Our sleek widget scrolls real-time reviews, enticing every site visitor
Done-for-You Social Media:
Instantly turn member reviews and happiness into captivating social content for your gym.

GymHappy is available for PushPress Grow and Kilo clients.

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Member feeedback to power your business

Reviews are everything to your gym.

One simple process (done right) will power every critical business function your gym requires.

Improves Coaching
Feedback is the mother of all motivators, and your coaches are no exception. Give them a reason to hit the floor and provide amazing coaching experiences.
Marketing & Social Media
Your easiest and most successful marketing will center around your customer successes. Automate the discovery of these moments and turn them into marketing gold.
Referrals & Upsells
Timing is everything when it comes to referrals and upsell moments in the gym. Know exactly who you can ask for a referral or who is primed for additional purchasing.
Google Reviews & SEO
GymHappy will push all reviews towards leaving a Google Review, which is very beneficial to your business. On average, gyms are adding about 1.3 new Google Reviews per day during our early testing.

Happy Customers Don't Quit

The simple process of asking customers for feedback has been proved to lower churn by 2x! GymHappy creates an automated review culture in your gym that will work night and day to reduce your churn rate.

GymHappy is available for PushPress Grow and Kilo clients.
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People connect with people. Not businesses.

AI Powered Coach Requests Deliver Results

Generic CRM copy sucks. We've found the perfect use for AI and put it to use for your gym.

Never The Same Message.
CRM's belittle consumers with canned messages. GymHappy sends unique, personalized messages leveraging AI.
Personalized Messaging.
Peronalized messages feel more real. GymHappy leverages data collected from external CRM sourecs to send messages that feel anti-robotic.
Coach-Centric Messaging.
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Completly Customizable.
We build your initial AI message templates for you - but you can adjust them as you see fit to your perfect message.
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